nEwEsT! 05/04/2010
nEwEsT! 05/04/2010
Omg, are you excited because i know i am wanna know why? JUSTIN BIEBERS NEW MUSIC VIDEO thats why!! Eenie Meenie[:: Goto youtube and watch it this second!!
            So anywayy, Had end of course tests todayy )': 2 hole hours of MATH! Fridayy we have English.. Speaking of English wanna know what movie we watched in there today... Animal Farm, Thats right Animal Farm...... The pig died n it was pretty sad lol

Okayyy Bye <3
            KRISTYY SMITH[:
sunday 04/25/2010
Whoa that storm last night was crazy huh? My dad actually made me go down to my mamaws and stay in the basement because the trees looked like they were going to fall over on to our house!! it was crazzzy buts its pretty outside today just kinda windyy, The tornado was in mississippi thats where my brother lives but he's okk[:

                           Thx 4 readin'  -Kristyyy
Saturday 04/24/2010
Just Got to a computer, This weekend has been great so far[: 
               Was outside all day yesturdayyy, Got pretty burnt. Just going to relax todayy, i just watched the Blind side i love that movie!! Do you like it? Comment and let me know[:  Also tell me how to make my site better [::
Wednesday 04/21/2010
Earth Day 2marrow!!
              YEARBOOKS! Everybody always looks so different in the yearbooks than they do now.. I had Blonde hair in my picture do you know how long its been since i've had blonde hair!! /A really long time! Well not THAT long but still lol.
             I'm going to totally change the subject to Places i want to visit At some point in my life!! New York, I've been wanting to go there since FOREVER, The capital of the world, The city that never sleeps, Gotham, Empire City, The Melting Point, THE BIG APPLE!! it looks and sounds so amazing i WILL go there oneday!!

                    Rome Italyy, The City Of Love [: home of the trevi fountain
Parco della Musica, one of the largest musical venues in the world!! The Founders of Spaghetti!!!!!! How cool is that! lol... i am going there one day and i will ride on a Tram and C the Trevi fountain and eatt Tons of Spaghetti!!!!!

                   I think i'll just go EVERYWHERE, i would love love love to see every inch of the world i really would i willl one day see everything and i'll take pictures [:
but forreal how cool would it be to just Travel the world?!? I'd love to one day [:

                       -KRISTYY ♥

Tuesday 04/20/2010
So.. i desided that i shouldn't use real names on this blog...
                 Well today, Was kind of boring.. I have a stupid Map Test in Geography 2marrow!  I get to register for my classes 2marrow to [: i'm excited next years going to be so funn!  Heres what i'm taking, 1. Spanish I 2. English 10 3. Geomotry 4. Theatre 5. Biology 6. Drivers Ed/ Personal finance 7. Visual communications..  Me and Katie are going to make sure we have some classes together!! She's my bestfriend By the Way.
                  I'm Eating chinese food right now [:   (Kristy Fact: I LOVE CHINESE FOOD!!)    So Becca, Bailey, Katie and i have Floor seats for Justin bieber consert in august!!! Woo i'm so Hyyyyped!! This summers going to be BUSY.. i've got Bible Camp, Going up to see my brother in mississippi, We're going Camping, The Beach (Which is where i will be spending ALL of my free time ha) AND i've got the consert in nashville THEN SCHOOL STARTS!! crazzzzyyyy right?
                   Okayy so this post is about to be over but before it is i have a question for You, yes you, ..... if you could have any super power What would it be and why?   Comment your answer!! [::

                                 THANKS FOR READING
First Post!! 04/19/2010
This is my First blog. its very Exciting! i'm not really sure what to put on here so i'll just tell you about my day[:

           Well Today was Pretty Cool, My friend Kinsey was "Sick" (Wink Wink) [;  so i had to conquer Wellness Alone! and on the day we play Ultimate Frisbee, Yes, Frisbee... it was non stop running torture haha i'm kidding it was actually fun.. Geography we did a map Shocker!
          [:  In algebra we did a practice end of course test and i missed 7/15 ]: ohh well i guess thats why its called practice right hah.
        English we read animal farm.. its not bad buuut i wouldn't read it if i didn't have to. Science NOTES & A WORKSHEET!! of course thats all we ever do in there, well then i came home.. all in all good day[: 

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                     Bye[;  -Kristyy